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Relive the events of 18 June 1815, when Napoleon’s troops came face to face with Wellington’s army. It was in this building, dating back to 1705, that the Duke of Wellington, Commander-in-Chief of the allied armies, established his headquarters, and spent the nights of 17 and 18 June 1815. It was here, too, that the Duke penned the victory dispatch to be sent to the British government.

Home to authentic artefacts, weapons and prints, the museum’s various rooms retell the events of this era and preserve the memory of the nations and soldiers who did battle.

A temporary exhibition room allows the museum to also host regular one-off events.

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With a heavy heart, the museum closes its doors...

As a result of government measures, the museum must close for an indefinite period.
All scheduled events are cancelled.

We remain attentive to the evolution of the virus and the new measures that will be taken in the coming weeks.
We hope to find you soon.

Take care of yourself.

The Wellington Museum Team

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