Your favourite authors at the Welligton Museum

The Waterloo BD Festival is being organised for the first time on 20, 21 and 22 May 2022 ! During three days, the public will be able to meet various Belgian comic artists: Godi (L’élève Ducobu), Coppé (les blagues à Toto), Kas (Hans), Kox (Agent 212) and many others!

Signing sessions will be organised during these 3 days throughout Waterloo, and the Wellington Museum will have the chance to welcome the authors of our temporary exhibition. Come and meet Simon Spruyt, Ivan Gil and his scriptwriter Rudi Miel on Saturday 21 May from 1pm to 3.30pm !

And as good news never comes alone, authors Martin Jamar and Philippe Wurm will also be present on Sunday 22 May from 1 to 3.30 pm at the museum for a signing session.

No registration is required. During the signing sessions, the exhibition will be exceptionally free. Please note that authors will only sign books purchased on site.

You can discover the other authors present at the Waterloo BD Festival right here.

Volume 1 of the Buonaparte series by Ivan Gil
Panel from the comic book "The Drums of the Moskova" by the author Simon Spruyt