The book Utopia was printed in Belgium in 1516 by the publisher Thierry Martens in Leuven.

It was written by Thomas More, an English humanist, lawyer, historian, theologian and politician who was close friends with Erasmus. More was an active participant in the rebirth of philosophy that characterised his age, as well as being the most illustrious representative of humanism in England.

UTOPIA is the book that sparked off utopian thinking: the word ‘utopia’ itself was invented by More himself as the title for his book. It comes from a Greek root meaning ‘a place that does not exist anywhere’. The book is an erudite satire on the society of More’s time, combined with visionary ideas that would dominate social debate for centuries to come.

UTOPIA is the history of an unknown island. The Utopians do not have an absolute monarch: instead they live in a democratic state in which wealth is redistributed and citizens only work six hours a day. Education and public health are free for everyone. Doctors practice euthanasia when society considers it humanely necessary. Divorce by mutual consent is permitted. The Utopians are epicureans, believing that happiness is above all the pleasure of living without a care in the world.

Thanks to his brilliant mind, Thomas More was appointed Ambassador Extraordinary, then Lord Chancellor, by Henry VIII. However, More did not support the king’s divorce and refused to endorse the authority that Henry claimed in religious affairs from that point on. Thomas More resigned from his position as Lord Chancellor in 1532. His continued lack of support for the king’s position led to his imprisonment. Finally, he was beheaded as a ‘traitor’.


Additionally the film “Back to Utopia” by Fabio Wuytack will be shown daily at 10.30 and 14.30 (except on Saturdy 24th June at 10.30)

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This exhibition is a partnership with the Wellington Museum, the KU Leuven, the Producer Fabio Wuytack and Les Films de la mémoires

Info : The exhibition will be on display from 16th June till 28th September, 9.30-17.00

Film « Back to Utopia » (75 min) viewing daily at 10.30 and 14.30

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Adults 4€, students and seniors 3€, children 7-12  1€






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